Anvaya Cove’s NATURE CAMP

Take the kids and even grandpa and grandma for a walk around the Nature Camp! Leisurely hike as you learn about the natural flora and fauna of the area and experience the natural beauty of the environment. Those looking for an adventure may go on a thrilling ride across the zip-line and get a breathtaking view of the forest canopy and the West Philippine Sea. Experience a unique bonding opportunity, where the entire family can experience and discover new things about Mother Nature. Be one with nature as you explore and enjoy making your way to a world of beauty and majesty with these family-friendly activities:

Nature Camp’s NATURE TRAIL

Come and experience nature up close and personal as you find yourself immersed in the middle of the forest with interesting flora and fauna along the tree-lined paths and as you traverse exciting terrains that are sure to awake the nature-lover in you.


Have a total body work-out while enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. Run or walk through this 2.1 kilometer (1.3 miles) work-out route set with various exercise regimen in 12 different stations aimed to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and holistic fitness.

Station 1: Stretching Area
Station 2: Push-Up Bars
Station 3: Kick-Bags
Station 4: Tricep Dip Bench
Station 5: Curl-Up Bench
Station 6: Pull-Up Bars
Station 7: Multi-Skill Zone 1
Station 8: Free Weights Station
Station 9: Captain’s Chair
Station 10: Speed Zone
Station 11: Roman Chair
Station 12: Multi-Skill Zone 2


Enjoy breathtaking views of the forest and the sea while on this 3-storey tower.

Adult Zipline Cut across the canopy flying and swinging with a 100-foot high, 260-meter long zipline. Adults should weigh 40 kilograms and above for the ride that will surely give all an unforgettable zipline experience.
Kiddie Zipline Let your kids have the time of their lives in this miniature version of the zipline. Suited for kids, with ages ranging from 6 to 12 years old and not weighing more than 40 kilograms (approximately 88 pounds), the zipline experience is sure to make them coming back for more.
Wall Climbing Traverse the 30-foot vertical challenge and test your upper body strength, skill, coordination, and speed as you head home for success at the top.
Rappelling Maneuver your way down the 30-foot wall through a touch of finesse and technique with the rope.


Watch out for the winged wonders that also call Anvaya Cove home. Spot the 81 recorded bird species with expert bird guides leading the way. Witness the avian creatures’ life in perch and in flight and learn ways on how you can do your part in making sure they can be around for a long time.

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